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Employer Engagement Survey 2018 – Get a Cash Prize for Your Charity!

At Springpod, we’ve been thinking, and with the government’s new career strategy fully underway, it’s never been more important for schools and colleges to engage with employers. Rather than a hinderance, this strategy is the perfect opportunity to get the future generation more job-ready and prepared for the real-life working world that awaits them.

With the demand to make students more employable, an array of employer-engagement activities have surfaced. From enterprise competitions to workplace visits, from mentoring to mock interviews – schools and colleges are all conducting a variety of activities that are exciting, interactive and fun, enabling students to learn more and think more about the world of work.

With all this inspiring employer-engagement activity going on, we thought we’d reach out directly to schools and colleges to get some info on it all. We want to search far and wide – picking the brains of that Careers Leader in Norfolk who organises the perfect careers fair; getting to grips with that teacher in Reading who’s CV workshops are second-to-none; and delving into the world of that Principal in Birmingham who organises top-notch work experience with their eyes shut.

We’re therefore asking for schools and colleges everywhere to fill out a very quick survey to share their expertise on an employer-engagement activity they excel at. With this information, our goal is to curate a comprised report of all different types of employer-engagement activities just for you, packed with information and tips from real-life people that have been there, done that and succeeded. So it might be that you’re a whizz at careers websites or maybe employer-led career learning is your thing. Whatever it may be, we want to hear it.

<< Please complete the survey here >>

But what’s in it for you? As well as being part of a life-changing report, by submitting answers to the survey, you’ll be entered into a draw to win £300 for your school or college’s chosen charity. So it really is a win-win-win situation.

Complete the survey here. Closes on Friday 21st September at 2pm.


Lewis Taplin

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